Link To Directory

How It Works

LinkTo.Directory is a website that automatically indexes web pages that link to it. In order to have your website listed in our search results you need only to link your web pages to any page on our website. You can use our logos or custom text of any type to create these links.

When a click is registered from your website, your web page is put into a queue and visited by our crawler. The crawler will specifically look for certain HTML elements on your website, these elements will be used when displaying your link in our search engine.

The HTML Tags you need on your website include the Title tag and Meta-Description tag:
Title Tag: <title>Your Web Page Title</title>
Meta Description Tag: <meta name="description" content="Short description about your web page.">

The title tag should be limited to 60 characters and the meta-description should be limited to 300 characters.

If you update you title tag or meta-description it will automatically update when our crawler returns to your page. If you would like your listing updated sooner, simply use our website update tool to update your listing and have it instantly updated.