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Getting your link listed couldn’t be much easier! No forms to fill out and getting a link to your homepage and deep links to all of the sub pages on your site can be done almost instantaneously!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Place a link to us on the pages you want listed in our search index.
  2. Click on the link you added to your site to ping your site for indexing or instantly Fetch your page information instantly.
  3. Conduct a domain search to see all of the pages we have linked to on your site and visit our Recently Added page to see any new links that have been added to the index.

That’s it!

Site not or page not showing up?

If you do not see your site listed right away make sure the page you are trying to have listed has title and meta-description tags in place. Without these tags your page will not be listed. If these tags are in place and your site is still not listed, our crawler may be backed up, if so please allow up to 24 hours for your links to appear in our index or use the fetch tool for instant inclusion. As long as your links stay in place, the link in our directory will appear to users on our site to see.