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Spudger Tool - Nylon, Plastic & Metal | is your source for high quality premium nylon, plastic and metal spudger tool sets shipped world-wide!
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Spudger Tool Kits |
Spudger tool kits are perfect for anyone who needs more than just a spudger to complete a repair. Tool kits commonly include tweezers, screwdrivers, pry picks, suction cups and other useful items.p>
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Metal Spudgers |
A metal spudger is used in a variety of circumstances and most commonly during the prying and opening of electronics and other devices that are secured with adhesive or glue. You can purchase these in a variety of styles which may have dual thin metal tips or a heavy stainless steel material for tou
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Nylon Wire Hook Spudger - Pengfa |
The nylon wire hook spudger is perfect for holding wires in soldering applications as well as for prying and poking with it's beveled and pointed edges.
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3M SP3010 Nylon Spudger Tool |
The SP3010 nylon spudger by 3M is a professional grade spudger with a wire hook, beveled edge and pointed end. The beveled edge can be used for prying components apart while the pointed edge can be used to push sensitive components.
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Metal Spudger - Youfu Tools |
This metal spudger is great for projects where a durable tool is needed for prying.
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Plastic Component Lift Tool - Youfu Tools |
This plastic pry tool is good for lifting and disconnecting components from cell phones, laptops and other electronics.
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Pry Picks |
A pry pick is a common substitute for a spudger. These plastic pry picks range in size, thickness and durability. These are similar to guitar picks but may be specially manufactured for prying and electronics repair. In most cases where a specialized pry pick will work, a guitar pick will also work.
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Plastic Spudgers |
A plastic spudger is perfect for repairs of computers and small electronics. These are non-conductive and safe to use with sensitive circuit boards and situations where you need to remove items like batteries or disconnect flex cables from a logic board.
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Nylon Spudgers |
A nylon spudger is great for most repairs with small electronics including cell phones and computers. These spudger are normally black and have a variety of dual head ends. These can be used when working with circuit boards, pcb or devices that are sensitive to electrostatic shock. We have in stock
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